I don’t know what was going on, I don’tknow what went wrong, all I know is that I have literally, totally messed up. I wasn’t able to succeed in letting Four Yakal be proud of me, winning the Visual Basic Competition in school, because I was only able to take the second slot.

The V.B Programming Contest I’m talking about should actually be a group effort, but heck, I didn’t see any support from any of my groupmates, except Ivan Yap who aided me and reminded me everytime I miss out to add .Caption after every label that I called via the Code Editor. Oh, did I forgot to mention that Ivan was the only person who accompanied me from my section?

Yes, I admit, from the educational point of view, I am part of that four yakal, that very last section which did quite well in the recent Musical Play that i have talked about here a few posts back. And I can’t be any better than my fellow Yakal Classmates, but play “good”, not “best”.

I sneaked the second slot ahead of the second section which is considered as the Semi Honors Class, that’s all that I managed to take home.

Ivan has accompanied me pretty well, but the four heads of Acacia have played better than my two hands and our four eyes.

For complete information on what went on, watch my post on Pinoy Teens 😀