What did I hear? I’m copying others` works?

I have had just a little on-phone conversation with my Aunt, Minda. [sister of my mother] Courtesy of her share, I found out that there are a couple of people who are indeed insisting that my poems are actual copies from someone else`s work?


As keen as I can think, as far as my mind can recall; I had NEVER EVER COPIED ANY SINGLE NOTE from a poem or song which has already been published. Probably, they may be fond similarities with my pieces and with other ones [imagine, there are more than millions of songs in the whole wide world], but I DID NEVER EVER INTENTIONALLY RIPPED ANYTHING FROM ANYWHERE and I am sure, as sure I am saying, that all my works are written by me, myself and through my anxious, tremendous, jolly, happy, sad, torment or what ever emotion I had at those times I have written my respective works. Well, for those who are suspecting me for a ripper, there’s one line for you:

“Do not judge the book by it’s cover, know the content first..”

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