What have I been doing lately?

So, what have I been up to lately? Well, there’s a lot to tell, with just so little time alloted to me to share it all.

Kevin Paquet dot Com, although with my absence from the blogging world has hit it’s Alexa Ranking Peak recently which was 303,000 over all. Right now, I’m slowly declining again, because I’m concentrating on other websites, just like my Pinoy Teens for example.

Speaking of Pinoy Teens Online, it’s currently on its run to enter the top 100,000 in Alexa, finally, after 3 months of chase. Although, I might have passed by my competition a long time ago, the race isn’t over yet, until I cross the finish line, and that, the 100,000 line before they do. The next problem would be if how or if I even can come to maintain that position.

I’m sick right now, I don’t know what these wounds are about. Some say it’s measles but how can it be measles? When I don’t have any sign of fever? It must be something else, something new; maybe?

EntreCard dropping has really isolated me from the others. I’ve become very lonely, on my blog, but good to know that there are a couple of loyal readers who keep on commenting every now and then to accompany me during my lonely time.

Kadayawan 2008 ain’t be that special. I cannot locate my camera, thus, I cannot take any pictures of the events going on. Additionally, the examination week last week really pulled out my last drop of energy. It was a very tiring one.

I’ve bought a new domain name, noypionline.com, soon to be launching and hopefully a successful website then. Besides the new domain name that I bought, I’ve created 2 new blogs, namely Philippine ePolls, which has it’s very first poll about the existence of people on Mars and Pinoy style YouTube which shows a funny video of 2 cats. LOL.

So, this has been all that has been going on here for me. More updates coming soon, and thank you for stopping by.

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