What makes a good poem?

I believe that every poem has got its own unique potential. Every group of words serve their respective, significant meaning and support the whole poem at large. But, what does really makes a good poem? Well, first and foremost, I’m no pro nor I’ve read any kind of books that teach me about how to write poems, I just write them with heart and make the poem based on the feelings I feel the very time I’m writing it.

A good poem comes from the heart and soul, it’s not just any group of words gathered with a matching rythm that counts, but what it talks about. Poetry is form of creatively expressing yourself or an situation; thus, creativity plays a great role. For me, simplicity can be considered as a vital part of new poets to express their feelings like for exampl: “The sun above is shining, and deep inside I’m mourning..” as you can see, only common words are used, which make it easy to understand for the normal reader. While at the other hand, poems with words not commonly used appear very appealin for me too, like: “The poignant feeling I denied, reluctantly I knew you lied” wherein the unknown word appears very much intriguing and mysterious for the normal reader.

A good poem should of course be original, it shouldn’t be a copy of anything else out there. But it may happen that works end out with some commonalities, imagine billions of people in the world with, let’s say around  (just so) 1,000,000 Words, there must be some common outcome happening, anywhere in the world.

A good poem should follow set rules, like ryhm, the syllables and more. But indeed, free verse poems can also be nice, but don’t really appear to be one from the professional kind.

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