Where should I post?

Well now, I have 4 active websites with my new hosting account, 3 of them actually whilst the 4th is just standing by for the mean time until further ideas have been gathered. I really would like to blog the hell about a lot of things, but I just don’t know where to blog. I don’t want repeated content because I believe google hates that.

So, I’m keeping this concern on my blog only now :p Pinoy Teens’ frontpage still looks odd and lonely, more content definitely needs to be added to it, to the front page at least. While Poetic Notes has experienced a huge roll back of 4 quality posts, badits back from scratch and me struggling to find a good topic to post about on my blog here.

I have shared my opinion about the old host that I was using already, so I have posted about recommended hosting that I recently discovered. Both of them on 2 different blogs, for 2 different reasons. I wish to post it here, but I believe google would get really really mad at me if I’d do so. Don’t you think?

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