Wherein Success Lies

The Status of my websites is critical, I am always trying to patch it up, telling myself that the show simply has to go on, and ignore the dirt behind the scene. I’m wondering, at which point we can say, that we are successful in our objectives, like mine; having a website, and a good online community.

I might have a website, quiet a lot of them, but I do not have any commuity left. What did I do wrong? What have I done wrong? What can I do to alter these things? Keep on reading..

About more than a year ago, I have begun my online life; starting a little discussion board named, Pasaway Family. It was just a small group of people who want to have fun with each other, and indeed, we really had some great time. But then, the great split took place, each of us has become busy, and what was left is me, until now, it’s still only me.

I had no choice, but to move on. In between the months that have passed, I was able to found a community, present known as Pinoy Teens Online, which now has suddenly vanished, for a reason I cannot quiet figure out why. All left for me are excuses, reasoning my age for these failures that I am going through. 🙁

I am only a 16 year old Teenager, in possesion of 12 top level domain names:

Is that a great achievement already? Is that already something nice that I have come up with? Apparently, according to my feelings, it’s not.

I have been blogging for almost an half year already, and my blogs appear to haven’tc change from quality, but have increased in quantity, nothing else. I’ve been able to reach a page rank of 3 with Pinoy Teens Online, but well, that’s quiet the climax of my success. Yet I still don’t feel happy.

When can I say that I have finally achieved something good? When may I tell myself, to have peace in mind, lean back and relax for some time, and say: “Finally Kevin, you did something good.”


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