WordPress punches back!

I must accept, I have had nothing good to say about WordPress 2.5 Beta 1. I felt disappointed all the way. From the dashboard, to few editor errors, to the UNDRAGABLE widgets down to simply everything that specific beta has brought.

But, I will take back everything that I have said. WordPress 2.5 RC 2 is just something SO AMAZING that I want to share with you. It has now a built in gallery and some more features that I wasn’t able to discover in the previous beta. Here’s a cut from the official announcement, and a link to the full announcement as well!

2.5 is coming along thanks to the fantastic feedback you guys provided on RC1 (over 580 pingbacks and counting), and we’re now ready to show you a bit more of a peek with a short screencast covering the new dashboard and uploader and Release Candidate 2. First here’s the screencast, which is also available embedded below, as a Flash movie, or as a 17mb AVI download:

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