WordPress.Com faces another ban!

I just logged in to my dashboard, as I saw the schoking news in my wordpress news widget which showed a article from Lorelle’s Blog, saying, that wordpress.com is banned again.

According to what I’ve read, wordpress is facing a ban for having an individual blogger displaying sexual content on his/her blog. The Brazil Court then moved in with the action to ban wordpress.com there.

And the ban just continues all around the world! Since, this has not been the only ban they have received, but wordpress.com has been banned in other contries as well, like Turkey, China and a couple more. I’ve been wondering, why automattic isn’t doing anything about it, why they are just letting that slip past their eyes. Are they up for something?

Well me, as a wordpress user (not wordpress.com user, but simply a wordpress user), I find it very harsh and unfair against the wordpress.com community. I’ve come to ask myself this very question, like a lot of others are doing now

Why did they ban wordpress? Why not utube who hosted the file?

Nah, automattic should really do something against it, because this yet another ban, unjust taken.

What do you think guys?

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