WP Admin Theme to save us!

Like lots of you may have noticed or have already seen it via your blogs dashboard wordpress news, there’s a new package of WordPress Admin Themes available, that add a lot of functions. But, nothing appears better than showing you this image:

New Write Page Finally there has come some revolutionary back end design, which is brought to us by Konstruktor Notes, giving us a lot of options to personalize the back end. It allows to align the tags and category in writing a page or a post, has variety of colors to pick from and comes with a new styled dashboard!

For me, this is really some savour, as this allows me to stop scrolling down a mile on my write page to set the category for a post that I am writing, just like now!

So, if you are one (of the many) who feels so annoyed about the new back end, then this should be the perfect solution for you!

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