Yet another Adsense Spike

To the plurkmates reading this post, I’m sure that you know already about the Pokemaniac Vacation I took the past couple of days. I settled from blogging for a while, I rested from the exhausting days of thinking what and when to do certain things that have contributed to yet another 300+ Adense on a single day, with a new Pinoy Teens High 69,0000 visitors on a single day.

I’m still too tired to talk about anything that makes sense. No, I’m not tired about what I’ve done to push my site up there and earn me money for an iPod Nano in the next few months, but I’m tired playing Pokemon! Haha. I have finished three series of Pokemon already and I’m looking forward to finishing Leaf Green atop all the versions that I have played before, and that in just a 3-day span so far.

Also, I’ll be blogging tomorrow about the Sarah Geronimo The Next One Concert here in Davao City. One of the concerts that I happily attended with other people who idolize the Pop Princes who are more popularly known as Popsters, anyways, ’till then, I’ll jump back to the Poke-world!

How much Adsense have you made so far? (sp. for the Mayweather fight)

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