There are times in our lives when we reach a point at which we have to choose among certain things, let go of the one, and go for another.  Just like, let’s say we’re heading for a cross road, in which let’s say are 2 ways to take, but only one way is allotted.

Just like in my life, I had to choose a couple of times which road to take, and had to come regret it at times. To help out, choosing the right direction, if have selected this question, Your Partner or Your Parent? which for me, suits to the website.

Let’s begin. For sure, you have already been in love, and for a couple of girls, you have most likely been told by your parents to not engage into a relationship with the opposite sex, but what do 40% of the population do nowadays? They do not listen and follow their heart. But, time might come, and your parents might know about it, what would you do then?

As an example for the guys, let’s say you have a father who is Soccer-holic, a trainer at your school and you are the captain of it. He tells you to not engage into a relationship with the opposite sex, but you just did so. And then he has found out about it, what would you do then?

Well, in my case it was different, I was the one who got dumped, I’m liberated, somehow. My parents allow me to have a girl friend as longs I won’t carry a baby home, someday. (lol). Yeah, now back; I got dumped by the girl, her parents knew about our relationship, and we had to break up. At first, I didn’t understood really why she did that to me, but I just learned it over time. It’s hard to let go of a lover, I know that. Just as hard it was for me to set her free and stop bugging her around.

Yet well, everything has its reasons, and so had she.

I wondered, why she did that to me, asked bunch of my friends including my befriend whom they would have chosen, the relationship or their parent and guess what they’ve answered? Ask yourself. And here I am, posting this article just after I was able to reflect for a moment, after asking that question to my very self.

I found out that it is really a though decision to make, to let go of your loved one, because at first, it may make up an bad impression on you, your lover may think that you have someone else but just don’t have the courage enough to let him or her know straight. Or at the other end, your parents may get a bad impression and you may get doomed forever for not obeying them.

I honestly would choose the heart. Because what my heart says, matters much. And it is true, as true I am. I cannot live obeying my parents (let’s say being a slave to them) for stuff that I do not like to obey) no matter how much I love him, but setting a lover free for them is really not my thing. But do you guys know what the twist is about this post?

Just like I’ve mentioned on one of my quotes

No matter what happens, no matter what you go through, it has all being planned by God. Do not worry about which way to cross, do not worry about which path to choose, just come to choose wisely, just as the heavenly God once said.

You did not come to this place by accident, you are exactly where I meant for you to be.

Amen to that.